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AHEC Presents the Aviation Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Phase I

I know that it has been a while since our last bit of news, but we wanted to wait until we had something really good to tell you.

Phase one of the Hall of Fame has been completed. It does not look quite like what was originally planned, but it is a fitting tribute to the inducted aviators.

The Hall of Fame is in the main terminal of the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport by Subway.

Thanks to Chris Bildilli for the photographs of the Wall.

IMG_0782 IMG_0792IMG_0789

Aviation History Educational Center – MEDIA RELEASE

Aviation History Educational Center (AHEC) is a relatively new organization dedicated in bringing to the public, the awareness, preservation and history of past aviation associated people, programs, and artifacts, both civilian and military of Illinois.   AHEC goals will include the services and activities that offer education, awareness and direction to the general public and to future aviation and space related opportunities of class room associated youth for future career development.   AHEC board of directors and their advisory council is based in and located at Springfield Illinois Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport.

Several programs being developed, one of which, is a “Wall of Fame” that will include individual Illinois inductees to the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame and the Illinois Military Aviation Hall of Fame to be housed initially at Capital Airport in Springfield Illinois public terminal.   Long range goals being developed include a mobile space flight and intercellular simulator made available to school students.

A range of AHEC funding programs being established and developed will be ongoing as will an airport based facility to house and display Illinois Aviation related artifacts collections and donations for view and study by the public.  This will include static displays of aircraft and related equipment and components.

General public membership is open to youth and adults with opportunities for a broad range of volunteerism.   Watch local media for announcements of AHEC Advisory Council meetings dates, times, and location.

For additional information and timely updates visit the AHEC web page at:   for additional information and participation please contact K. Gene Beenenga, President at:

Phase I

The museum has been working on some ideas for a display at the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport. As part of the display, we will have an area for the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame and the Illinois Military Hall of Fame. Concept1 is the first draft for our display.


Initial concept for our display at the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport.


At the center will be a Kiosk that will allow visitors to search the members of the two Halls of Fame.

Concept2 is a more polished version of the display. This version will let us add names to the Hall of Fame as they are inducted. The Kiosk is still there with the addition of a display case to display items from the museums collection.

The refined concept for the museums display at the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport.


Our plan is to have the display in place by January 2014.

A Capital Journey

It begins with the Aviation History Educational Center at Springfield Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport.

In an age when we watch movies on telephone screens, the choices for learning and enjoying spare time threaten the future of what, a few short years ago, was sensational news. The days when boys and girls watched, spellbound, from the observation deck as Ozark Airlines DC-3s began their journeys to far away places. . . are history.

Yet, the need for more pilots and support personnel in aviation is a growing concern as current genera-tions transition from the cockpit to retirement status.

The Aviation History Educational Center (AHEC) will address the future by presenting the story and history of aviation and aerospace. From these inspiring stories of tragedy and triumph we will grow dreams.

Our Mission Statement is clear. Our purpose is “to create a learning environment which will enhance the aviation experience for citizens of Central Illinois and beyond.”

The Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame and the Mili-tary Aviation Hall of Fame of Illinois support our effort. We will share their stories.

An effort to bring a futuristic spacecraft flight simulator to Central Illinois, designed to teach math and science, is now underway. We are gathering precious historical artifacts, models, books, periodicals, documents, interviews on digital media, and thou-sands of photographs.

Our Center will be open during scheduled hours that maximize availbility to the public at large. By special arrangement, we will open our doors to visiting schools, conventions, and chartered tour groups who come to see Abraham Lincoln historical sites, and learn more about aviation history than they expected.